Saturday, 19 May 2018

Congrats Mengi however you re not that clean

            I recently saw you laying the foundation for M-Pharmacy in conjunction with an Indian investor (Citizen, May 6, 2018). I was overwhelmed and elated though a bit challenged, as I will explain later after congratulating you on such a milestone for yourself and the nation at large.  I was elated to note that there are some Tanzanians, particularly indigenous ones, who truly understand President John Magufuli’s drive for the industrialisation of our country. Seeing you donating a building to the Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) a few months ago (Nipashe, January 31, 2018), I also was as well elated and challenged. First, Tanzania needs many Mengis who can invest in their country and drive their economy instead of letting foreigners to do so as it has been since the country acquired its independence over five decade down the line.  We need such people who understand our country’s drive for industrialisation.
            Secondly, I urge the government to support such people who are ready to spend their money and time and use their skills to bring about development to their country. Indeed, this shows how Magufuli’s government is pro-investment. Moreover, I think this is an irony to detractors and all who are despising Magufuli’s dream-cum-vision of industrialising Tanzania. So, too, this move will help our country from needless dependence for things we can produce locally.
            Apart from helping the country from wasting a lot of forex importing medications we can produce locally, the said factory is likely to create jobs for our people.
            Further, Mengi’s move, apart from being an example for indigenous Tanzanians, will act as a motivation for others to seize whatever opportunities to build and develop their country. Importantly, Mengi’s move shows that if we decide, we can.
            Despite all accolades, mzee Mengi, there is a dark side looming over your name that you might be unaware of. As I am writing this open congratulatory note, I contributed to two of your newspapers, the Guardian on Sunday and Nipashe Jumamosi for three years consecutively without being paid even a dime. Our agreement was that I be paid 30,000 per piece that makes the sum I was making to be 240,000 monthly. If you take this amount and multiply by 36 months, you can know how much you owe me. As any human being and citizen, I think, I have the right to be paid so that I can do my part of development of my country and mine the same way you are doing.  When I pressed my editors to pay me, they said that things are not well thanks to Magufuli. They didn’t give any understandable explanations provided that currently, whenever somebody wants to avoid paying a loan will tell you the same story of Magufuli as if Magufuli has scooped money from his or her pocket
            I don’t know if you know that there are many contributors facing the same predicament as mine. I wonder how they make end meet especially for those who hugely depend on writing as their means of living.
            Let me take this opportunity to assure you that you are not alone facing this dark cloud resulting from incompetent employees who do not tell their bosses the truth. The same applies to other media houses. In addition, the same reason offered is Magufuli. For example, I have been contributing to theTanzania Daima for over ten years with two columns. As I am writing, I have already stopped after working without being paid. I take this opportunity to address the government as well to see to it that local businesses including media houses are supported. For example, they need adverts from the government that is the biggest advertiser. By supporting the media houses and offering them adverts, they will be able to pay their small workers who are treated like homunculi simply because they have no voice or they are unable to create pompous occasion for the high and the mighty to take note of them. Instead of being treated like no-brainers by concealing their concerns or viewing their demands as hot air or hooey revolving around vainglory and grand standing when they agitate for their rights, the high and mighty should underscore the fact that without such small men and women, their successes would not be realised.
            In a nutshell, ndugu Mengi, please take this challenge and work on it to see to it that your drive for development and justice are practical and far-reaching mainly to those directly connected with your success as it is the case of unpaid contributors to your media empire. It doesn’t add up to create new jobs while those with old jobs are going without being paid.
Thanks once again for showing the way and being ready to help as you did with the TWCC among many you have already helped and supported. Truly, charity begins at home.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Magufulification, Magufuli arrived at the right time

Image result for photos of magufuli
            Love or hate him. President John Pombe Magufuli is a wonk who though unexpectedly arrived at the rightest place and time in the history of our country. Those who still remember how the tussle for presidency was in 2015, still remember how Magufuli wasn’t among 800-pound gorillas in the race for the highest office in the land. Instead, two luminaries, Bernard Membe and Edward Lowassa, who ended up finishing off each other, were the toasts of the town.
             Looking at how Tanzania was then, I must admit; the arrival of Magufuli wasn’t an accident; and, if it were, it is a good one. The country was in shambles next to going to the dogs.  Therefore, the country badly and deservedly needed a person like Magufuli. Corruption, embezzlement of public funds, systemic indiscipline, rent-seeking culture and other vices were rife. Who has now simply forgotten how drugs were tainting our image internationally? Who has now forgotten maltreatment in public offices, hospitals and everywhere else? Who’s easily forgotten tax evasion and low tax collection not to mention lack of leadership conviction, good intention and vision?
            Now that Tanzania is on the right track, some detractors still wag their tongues accusing and discouraging Magufuli simply because his regime has denied them what to do or say. Indeed, Tanzania needed; and verily, still needs Magufuli and his so-called Magufulification. Under Magufulification, as a country, we’re able to embark on the industrialisation of our country; expanding infrastructure not to mention improving services in various sectors. What else do we want? Those who think that commending Magufuli is kowtowing before him must look at the numbers of his achievements and the quality of services Tanzanians are now enjoying. Those who doubt Magufuli’s vision should go to rural areas and ask farmers whose produces were not marketable, but now are; though not all. They’d go and see the roads, bridges, schools and hospitals among others Magufuli has improved.
            Of all, Magufuli proved to be the man of another world after practically embarking on moving the capital city to Dodoma. If anything, moving to Dodoma is but the bone that hyenas failed to consume; if I may borrow Swahili proverb. Further, Magufuli wholeheartedly decided to take on mega corruption. How many cases involving mega corruption are before the courts as culprits wait to hear their verdicts? How many sacred cows are now waiting for their fates to be known after cooling their heels in the dungeon that formerly was for wezi wa kuku?  Who’d think that scams such as IPTL, Escrow and others would be dealt with mercilessly but legally?
            I know as everybody knows; Magufuli still has a lot on his plate vis-à-vis other scams such as Mwananchi Gold, Lugumi, TICTS, UDA and others. Let’s give him a break; as we remind him that we’ve not forgotten such scams. Who thought academic corruption involving forgery and faking qualification not to mention ghost workers would become history? Go ask students in our schools whose school fees are catered for by the government. Why don’t go interview the parents whose kids are getting free education. Go ask patients in various dispensaries and hospitals about the quality of services they receive compared to the time before the introduction of Magufulification. Why can’t we clap Magufuli and his Magufulification instead of crapping him up?
            There are allegations that Magufuli stifled democracy. Well, it depends on what one looks into. Again, if we consider how democracy has never brought food to the table, we need to address and tote such assumptions carefully considering the real situation our country was in. We need democracy. So, too, we need development. To address the issue of democracy, I posit that our people should be asked to decide what they’d like first between irresponsible democracy and controlled one that aims at creating space for the government to fulfill its promises. Here, there’s one thing we need to underscore. Magufuli isn’t implementing his personal policies. Instead, he is implementing the policies based on the promises he made during the presidential campaigns so as to secure the mandate he is now using to do whatever he is doing.
            Hate the devil but give it its due. Those who doubt Magufuli’s move should go and ask expecting moms, particularly in rural areas. Further, they should ask the paupers who were ripped off by government officials who used to overtax them. They should ask the paupers who are now using electricity over 50 years since the country acquired its independence. They should ask the people in far-flung regions such as Lake Region who used to travel to Dar Es Salaam via Kenya and Uganda.
            In sum, those who abhor Magufulification should evaluate him internationally. Tanzania is the talk of the world today simply because of Magufulification. Foreigners coined even the term Magufulification. I, firstly, heard of the term in Zimbabwe; thereafter, in Kenya. Indeed, this shows how no prophet  accepted in his town.
Source: Citizen, May 16, 2018.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Poor Lissu, for him, every evil is Magufuli!

            When I wrote an open letter to Tundu Lissu (Citizen, April 26, 2018) beseeching him not to return to Tanzania after recovering in Holland, there are things I didn’t envision. Whatever I wrote was nothing but my views; not Newspaper’s. Admittedly, I didn’t know with exactitude that my letter would be wackily received so as to make me feel as if I opened Pandora’s Box. My apology to Lissu who I know is bedridden not to mention suffering for many traumatising months in solitary environment. Frankly, I wrote the said letter hoping that it’d, at best, help Lissu to know that there are people who care. I didn’t discern; my empathy would be met with apathy, hostility and vitriol pointlessly.  Who’d have envisaged that Lissu would regard me and the likes as mere homunculi; if not a bunch of fiends in a political menagerie needlessly? He did. In misconstruing my message, Lissu oddly referred to me as a jackal in sheep’s clothing!
            Again, provided that Lissu has rashly already picked his ‘enemy’ even when he’s the one to blame, there’s no way I can help. However, when I wrote my letter, I didn’t envisage Lissu’s mental comportment currently; not to mention the fact that he’d already decided to despairingly pass the buck to his farfetched nemesis, President John Pombe Magufuli. Luckily, smart as he’s, Magufuli steered away from indulging with Lissu; and thus denied him a political freeride. Because of such angst, Lissu is painting whoever refuses to buy into his ploy with the same brush. This is unfair for a bobo like Lissu. I know the loop Lissu is in. However; this shouldn’t deprive him the power of reasoning logically and justly.
            Honestly, I didn’t know that Lissu has brutally and carelessly decided to put all blemishes resulting from his reckless politics on the shoulders of his president Magufuli. In his diatribes wherein I was called a jackal in the sheep’s clothing, he’d bald-facedly say that “there is another thing they don’t say, at least openly. If you carefully examine their arguments, they are saying is that I will be killed by Magufuli’s government using the Tanzania Intelligence and Security Services or police if not the army” (Jamii forums, May 1, 2018). It is sacrilegious and strange. Why use a rocket to kill a fly? Magufuli and his government are not such impetuous and obstreperous. Essentially, Tundu seeks fame and sympathy on the shoulders of the president. As a lawyer, I thought he’d adduce evidence to substantiate his allegations. He who alleges must prove. This is clearly open even for a layman. What type of lawyer is Lissu; if he can make such hot air without even showing a gist of evidence; let alone watertight one?
            I know. When Lissu embarked on majitaka politics, he wrongly thought the international community would buy into his ploy to no avail.  Sadly though, even after his gambit failed, he didn’t ask himself why.
            Magufuli, as a president, is not such reckless to waste his time dealing with a person who’s always desperately sought attention fighting a losing war. Magufuli has a lot on his plate. By the way, Lissu is not Magufuli’s match in anything however liminal or trifling. Give Magufuli a break. Lissu’ assumption that he’d give Magufuli hard time isn’t only hot air but hooey revolving around vainglory and grand standing.
            Like any daydreamer, Lissu may indolently think that he’s another Mandela if not Tanzania’s political honcho.  Can he be?  How with such impatience and recklessness? How can he while there’s a political bulldozer in the state house? He says “If I do as they want, well, Magufuli will get a big respite” (Jamii forums, May 1, 2018). Wow!  Where does Lissu live? Magufuli has nothing to worry about a newbie like Lissu.
            It is sad to note; Lissu is now sloppily accusing everybody he wants without including himself.  Is he normal or something is going terribly wrong upstairs? For, it needs and takes the courage of the mad to shamelessly utter such things. I won’t wonder to hear Lissu blame Magufuli shall fever attack him. Man, fight your battles without necessarily mudding others needlessly.
            Arguing that those who sympathetically urged Lissu to wait and recover are sent by Magufuli’s government shows how languid Lissu can be in terms of thinking. Why’d the government send us if, at all, those intended to finish Lissu are the TISS and others if I go by Lissu’s otiose assertion.
            I fully understand the situation Lissu is in. However, this should not make him soil others needlessly. We all pray that those who attacked him be brought to justice. However, the way Lissu is using his predicament creates more questions than answers.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

When "men of God" become men of doggy!

When it comes to dealing with psychos, quacks and certified idiots who con unsuspecting dupes, India plays no joke. India recently evidenced the jailing of one Asaram Bapu, 77, “a man of God,” whose sentencing was read out inside a prison in Jodhpur, Rajasthan state. Bapu was found guilty of raping one of his followers. Further, according to the Guardian (August 28, 2018) in August, another popular Indian guru, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh “Bling”, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for raping two female followers.
Sexual violence in the name of God is not new to India. According to the Telegram (December 4, 2015), another ‘man of God”, Aravindan Balakrishnan, a 75-year-old Maoist, carried out a brutal campaign of violence against the women over several decades, brainwashing them into believing that he was God.
Many cons in the name of God have dubiously and easily made a killing so as to become stinking rich thanks to robbing many desperate and ignorant people, mainly women. For example, Bapu is not a pauper one would expect the man of God to be. From religious chicanery, Bapu runs more than 230 ashrams with residential schools with millions of followers in India, Canada, Kenya, the US, the UK and Uganda. Having such a wide network of businesses, I am not sure if his co-cons are not replicating Bapu’s behaviour which seems to be the order of day when it comes to self-appointed “men and women of God.” In Australia cardinal George Pell, Pope Francis' chief financial adviser stand charged with sexual offences spanning over 40 years down the line.
In South Africa one, Bernard Pumalaka, another “man of God” confesses to have molested over 200 followers who went to him seeking his miracles. Despite such an admission, no charges were preferred against Pumalaka. This felon is lucky.
When it comes to dealing with self-appointed ramp-fed ronyons calling themselves “men or women of God, “India does not tinker around the edge. However, in Africa, particularly Bongo, such con artists think everybody is a few short bulbs of chandelier. And, indeed, sometimes, we are. How can we fall short of being while we evidence them devour our people in the name of God? Aren’t we collectively accomplices to this crime resulting from collective imbecilisation? Who take them on? When some are squeezed tongues of human rights campaigners wag by politicising everything.
How many fake gurus do we have in Tanzania that use religious cloak or offering traditional medicines to conceal their criminality? How many girls and women have already fallen prey to this criminality in the name of miracles and solving their problems? Under religion and traditional healing, many Binadams have fallen prey to such greedy and heartless sinners who call themselves people of God while in actuality are but devils incarnate if not the people of doggy.
How many victims are suffering in silence either because of fear or just ignorance? How many should suffer for the authorities to wake up from the slumber? Why do authorities allow known con men and con women to keep on marauding on our innocent people under whatever pretext and ruse? Provided that these criminals do not only commit sexual related offence but also financial related ones, the governments needs to probe them and know how they made such quick wealth. How many vampires and vamps do you know that are now “men and women of God” that live in your country, street and neighbourhood? Didn’t Jesus presage you? He said that “by their fruit you will recognise them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?” (Matthew 7:16). Where do they get authorities to amass wealth? Jesus said that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10: 25). Again, as Jeremiah (5 :21) puts it “hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see who have ears but do not hear.” Sometimes, I wonder how people read the books of their faiths such as the Bible. What do you take away from this assertion by Jesus? He admonishes everybody to “watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves” (Matthew 7: 15).
Now that we all know that many false prophets who come in the name of God are nothing but ungodly and devilish carpetbaggers, why don’t we agitate that they be probed? For how long will our governments keep mum as if the welfare of its people is not its sacrosanct responsibility? Time for probing and stopping all self-seekers and money makers in the name of God and traditional hearing is now. So, too, our people must abandon their naivety of believing nonsense such as miracles, prayers and whatnot. The last nugget, there is a treading photo of a hyena in sheep’s clothing praying for the underwear so that its wearer can get a baby! Go to the doctor. You’ll know your problems so as to approach them in a scientific ways instead of daydreaming and being abused and duped.
Source: Citizen, May 9, 2018.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Is Magufuli’s twin sibling born in Angola?

No doubt that when President John Pombe Magufuli (58) burst onto the scene, the politics Tanzania and Africa received a facelift. Magufuli took Tanzania, Africa and the world by storm when he started his operation Tumbua Majipu or cleanse the boils that saw many bigwigs pay for their sins resulting from corruption. Recently, another kid burst onto the scene. This is none other than Angolan President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço (64) who recently sacked the chief of staff, Geraldo Sachipengo Nunda, after the Attorney-General’s office implicated him in an investigation into a fraudulent international credit scheme worth $50 billion scam. Reuters (Sept., 26, 2017) quoted  him assuring Angolans of doing justice as saying that “no one is so rich and powerful that they cannot be punished and no one is so poor that they cannot be protected.” Like Magufuli, Lourenço is for the poor as opposed to the high and mighty. However, this is subject to dialogue if the duo is purely for the poor or just a melange.
Already sacked two children of his predecessor and mentor of whom one is facing the charges of attempting to fraudulently obtain $1.5 billion from the government
He has already shocked many who thought he was a protégé-cum-stooge of his predecessor, a long time-sit-tight president Jose Eduardo dos Santos whose empire spans for over four decades of corrupt and oppressive kleptocracy revolving around clientelism and nepotism.
The Daily Nation (April 23, 2018) reports that “Jose Filomeno dos Santos, the son of the former president, has been charged after allegedly siphoning off $1.5 billion when he ran the oil-rich country’s sovereign wealth fund until he was sacked in January.” While Jose Philemon is waiting for the court of law to decide on his fate, his sister, Isabel do Santos, Africa’s richest female, has already discharged from being head  of state oil giant Sonangol; and is currently under investigation.
Due to his commitment to fighting corruption, there are those who believe that his nets will soon net his predecessor which is something unAfrican to do.
Political para-diddles aside, Lourenço is the person to watch carefully. For, his style of dealing with graft is merciless. While Magufuli declined to crucify his predecessors by averring that he could not exhume graves, Lourenço is mercilessly exhuming them, the biggest and holiest ones. A section of Tanzania of Tanzanians wanted him to revisit the scams allegedly his predecessors committed. According to Mtanzania (November 5, 2016) he was quoted as saying “Nimeshughulikia changamoto mbalimbali lakini siwezi kuyafukuwa makaburi yote kwa sababu kuna mengine nitashindwa kuyafunika, sikuja kufukua makaburi nataka kuanza na yale niliyoyakuta ili tujenge Tanzania yetu,” namely “I have dealt with different challenges; but I am not ready to exhume all graves because they are some I will not be able to cover. I did not come to exhume graves; I want to start with what I found (on my plate) so that we built our Tanzania.” When Magufuli openly refused to exhume the graves, Tanzanians understood him though with a heavy heart. Again, looking at the enormity Tanzania was in, it was wise for Magufuli to take such stance. However, how long will he maintain such a stance while as the days go by, the smell, from the graves, disturbingly grows bigger and repugnant. Will Magufuli emulate his Angolan twin or just maintain his stance.
As for Lorenco, indeed, he’s proved to be his own man. He didn’t like to cheat Angolans or allow wrong belief that he’s a stooge to take roots by mollycoddling his predecessor, his family, courtiers and conspirators. Different from his twin sibling in Tanzania, Lourenço is a silent lion that catches his prey [s]; then announces. Like his sibling, he is the product of the party theMovimento Popular de Libertação de Angola–Partido do Trabalho (MPLA-PT) or the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola–Labour Party that’s been in power since independence who wants every Angolan to be invited and enjoy the national cake.  Different from Magufuli, Lourenço has moderate education and he’s a loyal party soldier (Mail&Guardian, Sept., 26, 2017). Like Magufuli, he is a patient seeker who spent time scheming to take the reins of power from a long-time potentate.
When it comes to civil rights, Lourenço has not escaped controversy. The Amnesty International (January 18, 2018) notes that “Lourenço has made significant changes in the state media, opening space for diversity of opinions and political views. However, freedom of the press and expression remains under threat after parliament approved and the president signed a problematic new media law despite opposition from the journalists’ union and other groups.”
In a nutshell, Lourenço soon will become another Magufuli of Africa signifying that Africa is neither bankrupt nor barren when it comes to siring clean leaders of this generation.
Source: Citizen, May 2, 2018.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Siku Tundu Lissu aliponiita mbwa mwitu-sijui ni hasira au kuchanganyikiwa sijui

Ujumbe huu chini ni wa Tundu Lissu kama ulivyotokea kwenye jamii forums. Lissu ananishutumu kuwa mbwa mwitu kwa sababu tu niliandika makala kumshauri asirejee nyumbani. Sina ugomvi na Lissu na uamuzi wake wa kurudi nyumbani. Aende hata kesho. Hata hivyo, angepima akili yake kabla ya kufanya hivyo.

Wandugu wapendwa salaam,

Naomba nizungumzie kidogo nia na malengo halisi ya Josephat Nyamwaya na wenzake.

Alianza mtu aitwaye Nkwazi Mhango yapata wiki moja iliyopita. Jana akafuatia Nyamwaya na leo ni zamu ya anayeitwa Martin Maranja Masese.

Wote wanaelekea kunipenda sana. Wote hawataki niuawe na 'watu wasiojulikana' pindi nitakaporejea nyumbani. Ijapokuwa hawasemi wazi wazi, wote hawapendi nirudi nyumbani kwa sababu nikirudi nitauawa.

Nyamwaya ametoa mfano wa marehemu Masinde Muliro wa Kenya. Maranja Masese ametoa mfano wa marehemu Ninoy Aquino wa Filipino.

Nyamwaya ameshauri nisirudi kupitia Dar es Salaam au Nairobi, bali nipitie Malawi halafu nije kwa barabara hadi Tanzania.

Je, hao wauaji wanaonisubiri Dar Es Salaam au Nairobi hawawezi kunisubiri Malawi au mpakani Kyela, au mahali pengine popote katika barabara ndefu ya kutoka Malawi hadi Dar?

Kwa kufuata hoja za wapendwa wangu hawa, je, niendelee kukaa nje ya Tanzania hadi lini itakapokuwa salama kurudi?

Je, nisubirie mpaka Jiwe atakapoamua kuondoka madarakani? Na nani ana uhakika ataondoka lini, maana kuna vijineno vya kutaka aongezewe muda.

Mimi ni mbunge wa kuchaguliwa na wananchi. Je, niachie ubunge wangu kwa kuhofia usalama wangu?

Mimi pia ni kiongozi wa juu wa CHADEMA. Je, niachane na siasa ili nisiuawe?

Maswali yote haya hayana majibu katika hoja za hawa watatu wanaonipenda sana.

Kuna kingine hawakisemi, angalau wazi wazi. Ukiangalia hoja zao kwa umakini, wanachosema ni kwamba watakaoniua ni Serikali ya Magufuli kwa kutumia pengine Idara ya Usalama wa Taifa au polisi au Jeshi kama ilivyokuwa kwa Masinde Muliro na Ninoy Aquino.

Kama wanawajua hawa wauaji watarajiwa kwa nini hawapigi kelele kwa Serikali ya Magufuli ili iachane na mipango hiyo ya uovu?

Serikali ina wajibu wa kulinda maisha ya raia wake kama mimi. Kwa nini watu hawa hawataki kuishinikiza serikali itekeleze wajibu wake kwa kulinda maisha yangu?

Kwa sababu zote hizi, nafikiri wanachotaka hawa wanaojifanya kunipenda ni kwamba nisimnyime Magufuli na watu wake usingizi kwa kurudi kwangu.

Wanachotaka kimsingi ni kwamba niachane na siasa za upinzani kwa kukaa uhamishoni. Nikifanya kama wanavyotaka basi Magufuli atapata afueni kubwa.

Ndicho wanachotaka hawa wanaoleta vijihoja vya namna hii. Kukubaliana nao ni kumpa Magufuli na watu wake ushindi mkubwa lakini wa chee.

Kukubaliana nao ni kukubali kuwa maumivu na mateso yote niliyopitia na ambayo wamepitia watu wengine wengi yalikuwa ni ya bure.

Ni kweli Tanzania ya Magufuli imekuwa nchi ya hatari sana kuishi, hasa ukiwa mpinzani wa CCM. Lakini dawa sio kukimbia nchi, bali ni kukabiliana na hatari hizo na wanaozisababisha.

Akina Nkwazi Mhango na Joe Nyamwaya na Martin Maranja Masese wanataka Magufuli atawale anavyotaka bila bughudha ya akina mimi.

Wanajifanya kunipenda na kunitakia mema lakini, kwa hoja zao, wanampenda Magufuli na watu wake zaidi.

Tuwe makini sana na watu wa aina hii. Ni mbwa mwitu waliojivika ngozi za kondoo.
Chanzo: Jamii forums

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Does Africa still need commonwealth cloak?

Image result for photos of commonwealth conference london 2018
Currently,  the news about Africans going to Europe–just like explorers, missionaries and other colonial agents did–seems to have faded away. However, Africa has always been on the spotlight as far as its colonial past and current neocolonialism is concerned. Some African leaders recently congregated in London to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). Today, I interrogate the rationale of prolonging colonial legacy over five decades down the line. Does, truly need to keep on being referred to as a British commonwealth while it says it is independent? What are the benefits of such a colonial gathering that has failed even to coerce its former colonisers and tortures to issue an apology and redress Africa for the ills and thuggery it committed during colonial era? What is the rationale that this body has if at all its victims resulting from slave trade to colonialism have never become aware of they truly are? Do African rulers need to kowtow before the queen really?
I know; the status quo will feel offended; thus will defend such a sheepish membership that isn’t only colonial but traumatic. Some’ll say that the members of commonwealth enjoy good ties with their former mother, the British. Do they really need such ties or justice? For example, despite meeting with her majesty, African leaders did not address the issue of economic immigrants from Africa as they are referred. So, too, the members did not ask the logic for Britain to bless monarch while it killed the same in Africa. I’d argue that Africans going to Europe seeking greener pastures are modern time missionaries. This is because when white missionaries and other colonial came to Africa were welcomed and treated humanely though in the end they reciprocated by colonising Africa.
 Ironically, the same Africans back home in this post-colonial era, still remember and treasure names of thieves such as Livingstone, Mungo Park, Henry Morton Stanley, Carl Peters and others not to mention honouring and keeping their statues and other stinking and traumatising memorabilia and paraphernalia. What does this blindness mean, if it is not self-denial and colonial mentality? I don’t think there are any statues of African heroes and heroines especially those who fought vigorously against colonial imposition in Africa and Europe. I know of the one of Nelson Mandela’s. If there is another one, I’d like to know about it so as to compare with the number of Europeans’ ones Africa is pregnant with.
Despite by vicariously presiding over colonialism and slavery, ironically and sadly, the queen of England still has many streets named after her almost in all former British colonies otherwise known as commonwealth. Even the term commonwealth is colonial for African countries so to speak. As if keeping colonial debris is not enough, when the same Africans keeping such debris want to get out of Africa are subjected to many questions and conditions in order to secure the visas of western countries while the westerners come and enter our countries as pleased. Some of our brothers and sisters make a goof by believing that keeping colonial debris will attract tourists who will leave a lot of dollars back. Is keeping colonial debris only viable and respectable project that such people can see while they have a lot of natural resources?  Isn’t this double standard and neocolonialism apart from willful self-enslavement? Isn’t this self-entrapment in the past? The situation is very worse for Africans. Had there been any gist of reality and equality, the Africans going to western countries would be treated the same way the westerners are treated when coming or entering Africa. The ideal example comes from the action of one British MP, Dr. Paul William (Stockton South) who wanted to know if his was ready to use he the CHOGM to give a message to Uganda’s President Museveni leave office after clinging for over 32 years so as to become what the MP called a barrier to the prosperity of Uganda.  Although what Dr. Williams said is true, had it not colonial mentality and double standard the same would have been delivered to the queen who has been in power much longer than Museveni.
To hit back Museveni’s Senior Press Secretary Don Wanyama responded saying that “the UK MP still possesses a colonial mentality where he thinks the western metropolis should determine what happens in Africa” without underscoring why Museveni went there to degrade himself.
Ugh!  When I remember how Africa went bananas at the time many countries acquired their independence, which is dependent independence, I feel disheartened after evidencing all these banana republics that Africa has now. What we’ve achieved is less compared to what we’re robbed. Isn’t it the right time that Africa has reached waterloo even Marengo for recycled rulers? Despite being a bumbling goon, former Gambian strongman, Yahya Jammeh, at least, tried to decolonise his country by pulling it out of the commonwealth. As a deconstructionist and decolonialist I feel traumatised and belittled when I see our rulers, like students before the headmistress, kowtowing and lining up to great her majesty as the symbol of their servitude. For how long will Africa keep such colonial carryovers for its peril?
Source: Citizen 25, April, 2018.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Letter to Tundu Lissu; please don't go back home

Dear Tundu,
I am happy to note that you are improving after some betes noires wanted to kill you.  I am writing this open letter not to diss or teach you the right thing to do. Although our media, and possibly people, seem to have forgotten you, I still remember you though with pangs and twangs due to what befell you as an innocent person. This is because, it seems, the attempt on your life has been treated as a normal criminal act while it actually is more than that.  You once said; this was a political assassination which isn’t new in our country. To me, condoning any form of injustice is as good as committing it. It is indescribable cowardice, mainly when this textbook cowardice is collective and systemic. The full-on attack on you seems to have been condoned or ignored for the peril of others to follow. Since the attempt on your life was made, four people have already lost their lives in mysterious circumstances while the powers that be sit and look as if this is not one of sacrosanct duty, to protect the lives of their people.
Today, I want to advise you not to go back to Tanzania after recovering. For, if you do, those who wanted you dead and those they used will ruthlessly assassinate you as long as the motive[s] behind the horrid attempt on your life is still raw and real so to speak. After you are done, they’ll purr and congratulate themselves. Their attempt on your life wasn’t a mere goof off or just an accident. If you’re an ethical john, I’d have advised you to jump the ship and join the ruling party.
 Thank Lord you survived. However, it is naturally a few and far between for a normal mortal to survive the hail of bullets like the one you survived. Those who wanted you dead are still at large and watching after the powers that be either failed to arrest them or negated its sacrosanct duty to the citizen. We live and die once. The leave God bequeathed you must not be squandered or underestimated. These ruffians mean business, dirty and serious business.  Although your assailants are known, they’re still referred to as unknown people. Aren’t they really people or beasts that are supposed to be in hellfire burning for their sins?  How can the powers that be, with all sorts of investigative machinery, fail to know and apprehend such criminals if there isn’t anything fishy? Had they tried to overthrow the powers that be would they still be unknown really? Who’s fooling who hither?
Unknown people are now a force within another. They recently killed Ben Saanane, Daniel John and Godfrey Luena all the members of the CHADEMA not to mention Aquiline Akwilina who’s allegedly killed by trigger-happy police.  Looking at and into such macabre assassinations and the status of the victims, Tundu, believe me or not; hate or love me my brother; they’ll finish you off. If the trio is the fish of normal sizes, then you’re a whale not a shark. If the victims were a danger to those who killed them, then you’re a disaster to these ruthless cowards. Believe ye me.  Chinese proverb has it that “a wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows public opinion.” It is very sad when one follows the opinion of the public that seems to have ignored him not to mention its willingness to become the part and parcel of crimes against others. I know; many would want you to go back home in one piece to continue with what you love most, politics. You once avowed that you’d go back home and continue with the struggle. This is noble. However, your life is the noblest comparably.
Can I remind you of the doyens that lost their lives thanks to the politics of death? Who are you compared to the like of Edward Sokoine and Horace Kolimba whom were sokoined and kolimbered respectively? Despite being in the upper echelons of the ruling cabal, the powers that be failed them miserably the same they failed you. What’ll happen to you in the eyes of such political cannibals who cannibalised those of their own?
In a nutshell, if your mother’s still alive, plus your dear wife, of course, methinks, they’re the ones who can tell you what to do. Shall anything occur, they’re the ones to suffer most grimacing with anger and griefs. Therefore, don’t dance with death my friend.
I know; you know. Political giants such as the late Oliver Tambo former South African National Congress Chairperson, Samora Machel of Mozambique, Sam Nujoma of Namibia and many notable people who fled their countries in order to fight for their liberation. Sometimes, you need to retreat in order to advance not to mention to go to exile in order to go back home in one piece and pick up where you left.
Source: Citizen, April 26, 2018.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Magufuli watambue na watunzi na wachapishaji vitabu nchini

Mzee Yussuf 'Big Daddy': Mfahamu Sitti bint Saad mwanamke ...

Tokana na elimu kutelekezwa baada ya kuibuka njia rahisi za kutengeneza fedha kama vile uuzaji wa mihadarati, sanaa hata wizi wa fedha za umma, utamaduni wa kusoma na kujielimisha nchini vilipungua. Rejea mbiu aliyopiga rais mstaafu Benjamin Mkapa akitaka uwepo mdaharo wa kitaifa kuhusiana na kufa kwa elimu nchini japo naye ni sehemu ya tatizo.
Kwa waliosoma miaka ya themanini kabla na baadaye kidogo, watakumbuka namna taifa lilivyokuwa na hamasa ya kusoma hata kutunga vitabu. Nakumbuka vitabu kama vile Adili na Nduguze, Tendehogo, Kusadikika, Things Fall Apart, The River Between, Songs of Lawino and Ocol na vingine vingi ambapo vingi hasa vya kiingereza vilitoka nje ya nchi. Sijui kwa sasa hali ikoje baada ya kuja watu wasio na uchungu na elimu visheni wala uwezo wa kufikiri sawa sawa na kuizamisha elimu yetu. Ni juzi tu nilikuwa nasoma malalamiko kuwa kuna vitabu dhaifu vikifundishwa mashuleni tokana na watunzi kuwa na watu wao waliovipitisha bila kujali ubora wa vitabu husika. Huu ni ufisadi wa kiakili ambao ni mbaya zaidi ya huu wa kiuchumi. Kwani, tunaharibu uwezo wa vizazi vijavyo kufikiri na kutatua matatizo yake.
Inashangaza kuona taifa letu linazama kielimu wakati wenzetu wanaruka sie tukitamani kutembea. Mie ninayeandika nimeishatunga vitabu zaidi ya 15 vitatu kwa Kiswahili na vilivyobaki kwa kiingereza. Vitabu vyangu vimegawanyika kwenye makundi makuu matatu yaani ushairi wa kiingereza, vitabu vya watoto na vilivyobaki vya kiada kwa ngazi ya vyuo vikuu. Mpaka ninapoandika, baadhi ya vitabu vyangu vimeishaombwa kutumika kwenye vyuo vikuu Afrika Kusini na Zimbabwe. Sitaki nijisifu, muda niliotumia kuandika vitabu husika ni mfupi yaani ndani ya miaka tisa ukiachia mbali vingine vingi ambavyo havijachapishwa.
Je wizara husika iko tayari kuanza upya kuangalia ubora wa vitabu vinavyoteuliwa kufundishwa mashuleni? Je vyuo vyetu vinafuatilia wasomi wa kitanzania wa ndani na nje ambao wameiva kiasi cha kuzalisha taaluma kupitia machapisho na vitabu ili kuangalia namna ya kutumia kazi zao nyumbani? Je nani anaona thamani ya tunu hii ya mtanzania? Ajabu, kuna vitabu toka Ulaya na hata Nigeria lakini sijui kama kuna msomi anayejipa muda kuvidurusu na kupendekeza vitumike nyumbani? Tatizo ni nini? Kwanza, siko Tanzania; sina mtu wizarani wala siko tayari kuhonga au kupigia debe vitabu vyangu. Mzee Pius Ngeze mchapishaji wangu amejaribu hadi amechoka. Ajabu, wakati vitabu kama hivi vinaozea kwenye makabrasha au kufaidiwa na nchi nyingine, watanzania wenzangu wanalisha takataka kama vile vitabu vilivyogunduliwa vikiwa na makosa mia kidogo! Kwanini? Ufisadi wa kiakili na kulhali. Tatizo kubwa ni fitina kama alivyolieleza wazi wazi rais Magufuli.
Pili, wachapashaji wetu wengi wako kwenye hali mbaya baada ya serikali kutotumia kazi zao hasa wale ambao wamechapisha vitabu vyenye kudidhi matakwa ya kielimu na kitaaluman nchini. Bila kutumia kazi zao na kuruhusu kazi dhaifu zilichapishwa na watu kwa makusudi ya kuingiza mkenge serikali, tunaua wachapishaji wetu ukiachia mbali watunzi. Tukiendelea hivi, kuna uwezekano tukaja kununua hata vitabu vya Kiswahili toka nchi zisizojua lugha hii vizuri wakati chimbuko lake ni Tanzania. Si hilo tu, tusipothamini kazi za watu wetu, nani atazithamini?
Hata hivyo, bado kuna watanzania wenye kujua thamani ya utanzania na usomi. Msomaji wangu mmoja aitwaye Sirili Akko wa Arusha pamoja na jaji mkuu wa mstaafu wa Kenya Willy Mutunga, PhD, walitambua umuhimu wangu kiasi cha kuomba kila kitabu kinapotoka niwatumie nakala. Ajabu ya maajabu, hata wachapishaji wa Kitanzania ukiwasiliana nao hata hawajibu ukiachia mchapishaji wangu TEPU Ltd ambao wamefanya kazi kubwa kunishawishi nichapishe nao. Vitabu vyangu kwa sasa vinachapishwa Kameruni na Marekani kwa vile ‘havina kiki’ Tanzania. Sijui hata kitabu changu cha Best and West African Presidents ambamo rais John Pombe Magufuli ni rais bora pekee aliyeko madarakani na hai, zaidi ya kuwa Arusha wa kwa Akko kimeishasoma hata kujulikana nchini. So sad; too bad.
Sitaki nionekane kama najipigia debe. Kwa kizazi cha sasa, sijui kama kuna mtanzania ameandika vitabu vya kiada kwa kiasi na kasi kama vyangu. Wachapishaji wangu wote hawajawahi kuniona wala mimi kuwaona zaidi ya kuvutiwa na kazi zangu. Mfano, nilitambulishwa Kameruni na profesa wa kizimbabwe Munyaradzi Mawere ambaye naye sijawahi kuonana naye. Ameishaniomba niende kufundisha kwenye chuo chake cha the Great Zimbabwe University, si mara moja wala mbili. Nimeishachangia chapters nyingi kwenye vitabu vyake ukiachia mbali kuwa na mradi wa pamoja wa kutunga kitabu cha the Manifesto of Africa pamoja ukiachia mbali kile ninachoandika na profesa Eliakim Sibanda pia kutoka Zimbabwe anayefundisha hapa Kanada kitabu kingine.
Kama ambavyo rais John Pombe Magufuli amekuwa akisisitizia uchapakazi na uzalendo, namshauri aangalie kadhia hii kizalendo na kitaaluma kama mwana taaluma pia.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima, Aprili, 2018.

Kijiwe kutembelea Brazil na Korea ya Kusini

O dia que marca a derrocada de 3 ex-líderes mundiais: Lula ...

            Leo hii kijiwe kinakuja na mada ambayo ni mama au baba wa mada. Kwani, kinazama kwa kina na kuangalia namna ya kuleta uwajibikaji kayani hasa kwa madingi wa zamani waliopunyua njuluku za kaya wao, washirika zao wa bedroom ukiachia mbali vitegemezi na maswahiba na waramba viatu wao. Tumeamua kufanya mapinduzi ili kuepuka kuendelea kusota wakati wao wakitanua na kutucheka kana kwamba hawakutuibia ukiachia mbali kuwa ukwasi wanaotanulia ni jasho letu.
Msomi Mkatatamaa ndiye analianzisha ‘jamani mmesoma habari za madingi wa Brazilini na Kuria ya Kusini kupigwa mvua lupango?”
Kabla ya kuendelea Mgoshi Machungi mwana wa Mashindei anajibu “mimi na bi mkubwa tiizisoma tikiwa tinatokea Mashindei kumjulia hali bwana mdogo Shemtwashua wa Shemkaa na kufurahi tikitamani na hii ingefanyika hapa kayani.”
Msomi Mkatatamaa anaendelea “ukiangalia kaya zote zilizoamua kufanya kweli, zimeendelea au zinaendelea tofauti ya yetu inayoendelea katika kutoendelea tokana na kuendekezana na kulindana kama inavyoendelea. Inakera kuona wanene wanakwiba na kulindana huku wakituimiza tuchape kazi waibe na kuneemeka wakati sisi tukiteseka. Inatupasa kufanya mapinduzi ya kifikra kuhakikisha haki kwa wezi wawe wakubwa inatendeka badala ya kuwaabudia mibaka huku tukiwachoma moto mibaka.”
Mpemba anaamua kula mic “mie wallahi naona tufanya npango twende kwenye hizi kaya kujifunza lau tuje tulianzishe au siyo? Maana, kulindana kunzidi hapa kayani tunikoambwa tusiwaguse wateule wasioguswa wakati sie twaumizwa madhambi walotenda. Natamani kunfanyia kitu mbaya audhillahi minaashaitwan rajiim yule wezi wakuu. Wallahi ingekuwa uchaguzi wangu ningewatumia popobawa lau awapopoe kidogow lau waonje uchungu wa dhulma.”
Mipawa anampoka mic Mpemba na kuronga, “lazima kwenda kujifunza namna wanavyowazawadia madingi wao waliojizawadia maulaji kwa kuyatumia vibaya wasijue yangewatokea puani kama ilivyotokea kwa brother Lula na da Park wakati tukingojea ya Jake Zuma kule Sauzi.”
“Nakubaliana nawe asilimia elfu moja. Lazima twende wote hata kama ni kwa kuuza mashamba yetu hata washirika zetu au vipi?” Kabla ya kuendelea Mgoshi anadakia “Unashemaje? Eti tiuze washiika wetu wa bedium? Kauze wewe mie nimnunue tena kwa kasha sasa hivi,” anajibu Mijjinga huku akimpa kipisi cha sigara kali mzee Maneno ambaye anakupua mioshi kama sita hivi na kula mic “hakuna haja ya kuuza mashamba wala washirika zetu kama jamaa zetu wa kaya jirani wanaowaazima washirika zao kwa watalii ili kupata njuluku ya aibu.  Tuombe njuluku toka kwa lisirikali linalosema linapambana na ufisadi kama kweli siyo longolongo hakuna shaka litatukatia chochote kitu ili kulitea ujuzi tutakaotumia hapa kayani kuwasulubu akina Tunituni, Njaa Kaya na wengine ambao tunao maya.”
Kanji anakula mic ‘mie iko unga kono na guu vazo ya juluku toka kwa salkarini. Kwani, kila siku iko sikia kuwa iko na juluku tosa sana. Kama nayo napambana na fisadi tatupa sisi juluku twende tembea kwa kaya zile haraka sana dugu yangu. Mimi iko penda kwenda Kuria na kupitia Bombey kuona bibi yangu na toto.”
Gau Ngumi aka Jinungaembea anakula mic “yote pangeni. Lazima niwemo kwenye huu msafara lau nami nikatanua kama wao walivyokuwa wakitanua wengine wakishindana na Vasco da Gama. Hapa lazima nikapige shopping kali kama mshirika wa bedroom wa Jongwe kule Zimba za Mabwe aliyetesa hadi akaitwa Gucci.”
Kabla ya kuendelea Mbwamwitu anamchomekea “da Gau huwezi kwenda kwa sasa. Maana sisi tutakaokwenda bila washirika zetu wa bedroom tunaweza kuambiwa tukapime DNA baadaye kuonyesha kama tulionja tundi au la.”
Kabla ya kuendelea Sofia Lion aka Kanungaembe anaamua naye kuchomekea “sasa umeanza. Kama ukila tunda kosa liko wapi ilmradi isiote mbegu?  Unaogopa kupima DNA au bi mkubwa kukuvisha gagulo?  Mie nakwenda kule kuchapa mzigo wa uchunguzi wa kisayansi wa kuondokana na ujambazimbuzi wa wanene wetu hasa wa zama zile waliojigeuza miungu wakaishia kulindwa kama vichanga. Tumeelewana kaka yangu; wala huna haja ya kuogopa kuandamana nasi.”
Wakati akitaka kuendelea, Kapende anakula mic na kusema “da Sofi acha nkuchomekee kidogo. Mie sina ugomvi na kwenda na yeyote ilmradi katika nsafara huu mie napanga kuwa kwenye ule kwa kwenda Kuria Kusini japo niende kule nikafaidi hisani na ukarimu wa wakuria hawa weupe. Nasikia vimwana vyao vinawazimikia sana waswahili kwa vile hawana makuu wala kuendekeza vitu kama warume wao.”
Mzee Maneno anaamua naye kutia guu “jamani, badala ya kushughulikia mikakati ya namna tutakavyokwenda kupata darasa la uwajibishaji mhangaishwa na mambo ya bedroom. Hayo sisi hayatuhusu. Hata lisirikali halipaswi kujihangaisha nayo kwa vile ni mambo nyeti sana yanayotaka umakini kama alivyosema profesa fulani. Hivyo, nashauri, tugawane sehemu za kwenda. Inabidi tujue watakaokwenda Brazil na watakaokwenda Kuria ya Kusini na mapema au siyo?”
Kijiwe kikiwa kinanoga si likapita shumbwengu la dingi wa zamani akitokea kwenye matanuzi yake. Acha tumzomee kwa uvivu wake wa kuthink hadi akajipa maulaji na kutuibia hadi kuishi kwa kulindwa kama kichanga.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima, Aprili 24, 2018.