Sunday, 19 November 2017

Open letter to Grace Mugabe

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            Dear Greed, sorry, Grace who fell from grace,
Wherever you are, I’m pretty sure; you will read this piece of mind I am offering you pro bono.  I know as you know; your husband Robert Mugabe turned Zimbabwe into his private estate. For many years, he successfully manipulated Zimbabwe the way he wanted thanks to the support the army provided. Again, as they days went by, Mugabe’s magic wand started to wane. Things became worse for Mugabe after you manipulated him and staged a bedroom coup through which you greedily and blindly started plotting the fall of your husband. You took advantage of his old age without knowing that things have drastically changed. Yours was power; power only. Thanks to your greed, myopia and ignorance, you only saw one side of the coin.  To make matters worse, power climbed into your puny head so as to deceive yourself that you’d turn Zimbabwe into a family enterprise aka Graceland or Greedland that you’d take over after your husband. What a mistake!  You committed a fatal and sacrilegious mistake so to speak.
            Thanks to your ignorance and greed, you didn’t know power dynamics, especially the centrality of the military and war veterans. You naively forgot; the power yum-yum you’re enjoying is the product of the blood and sweat of the duo above. Instead of making do with them by averting your power hunger, you myopically thought power is like the game you used to play in bed. Power is so sophisticated especially for a person of your caliber whose education is not only infinitesimal but also pitiable.
Now that your husband’s grip on power is no more; and the game is up. The gentleman is a nonagenarian. He’s close to his eleventh hour of his life. What of you who is almost a half of his age? Whom will you blame at this very moment of truth? I can assure you my sister; your husband’s power is a bygone now. And thanks to his age, he is harmless as far as power is concerned. Mugabe isn’t the first to be helped to take a rest. It once happened in Tunisia where Habib Bourguiba was relieved of power so that he could be free from power brokers who, like your husband, had hijacked him in 1987. He was almost ten years younger than your husband at the time.  Importantly, we need to underscore the fact that your husband survived many big waves to end up being brought down by an illiterate lady simply because he used to share the bed with her!
Greed, sorry, Grace, forgive me. You’re fully involved in bedroom politics.  To show you who truly you’re, Zimbabwe and the world in general are jubilating simply because the Zimbabwe Armed Forces have averted the country the shame you enacted. It would not make any sense for Dalilah to sit on the highest sit of power in the land simply because she dreamt about being president not to mention using her body to do so. Essentially, this must be a lesson to other myopic dictators whose wives are misusing them like puppeteers.
Greed, sorry, Grace, you violated Robert and Zimbabwe. You’ve brought shame to African women who are renowned for being patient and supportive to their husbands. Your greed and myopia are now eating you up. If I were you or if you’re my daughter, I’d have spent much time either upgrading my education or helping poor women in the land. Instead, you spent much time and money on power hunting to end up being haunted by power not to mention being hunted like an antelope. Believe ye my sister. Zimbabwe will never let you go scot-free. They’d want you to be brought to book for the sacrilege you committed. They’d like to see you in the same position former Ivorian first lady Simone Gbagbo once was in after misleading her husband the same way you corrupted Robert.
Greed, sorry, Grace did you know? God is nowadays faster in repaying than it used to be? Swahili sage has it that whatever you do, payments or rewards are here on earth. Absolutely, absolute power corrupt absolutely the sage has it. After being married to Robert you forgot your humble past so as to self-appoint a power behind the throne.  Had you been educated, maybe, you’d have studied or remembered the history of Simone Gbagbo if not that of Elena Ceausescu nee Lenuța Petrescu former Romania first lady who bungled and corrupted her husband so as to author the calamity that saw them being deposed and summarily killed.
Now, provided that the fall of your husband is mainly associated with your power lust, I am sure, Zimbabweans are likely to forgive him for his other sins, especially if they remember how he fought for and brought independence to the country.  As for you, I don’t know if they will stomach forgiveness provided that many flaws you committed resulted from evil intention of grabbing power and keep on abuse and misuse it at their detriment.
In a sum, Greed, sorry, Grace, do brace yourself to answer for the millions of dollars you robbed and squandered at the time Zimbabweans were dying of hunger, preventable and treatable diseases.
Go Grace go
Never turn back
Go to your no-go
Quickly park
park and go
go Grace go

Saturday, 18 November 2017

All African Dictator Need To Watch the Following Videos

Questions Zimbabweans Need to Answer

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Due the ongoing imbroglio-cum-impasse in Zimbabwe, there is a few questions Zimbabweans need to ask themselves and those holding them at ransom then find answers.
First, can power be sexually transmitted like STDs?
Can one use her body to get into the state house?
Can one use her love to get from the bedroom to the boardroom?
Can power be transmitted militarily?
Can they trust the current players namely Mugabe and the military?
Can they intervene as a people and bring sanity?
There are two right answers here namely No to some questions and Yes to some.
The answers Zimbabweans will get will also help others in Equatorial Guinea, Togo and Uganda among others who have bedroom politics. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Fare thee well Robert Gabriel Mugabe Jongwe

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          It is obvious that the game is up for Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean long time tyrant. Mugabe successfully manipulated Zimbabwe so as to dream about making it his private estate. He weathered many storms to end up being deposed by his wife whose greed authored their fall from grace. Grace or Gucci or call her Greed Mugabe became overambitious so as to endanger her husband's reasoning. She schemed of using the ailing president to become president herself through Bedroom politics. Again, as it seems, the Mugabes have lost big. Their greed and myopia have largely contributed to their fall. It is not too late to write a dirge for them.

Go Mugabe go
Go never look back
Just pack
Pack and go

Go unceremoniously
Go as a coward
Your time is up
The game is up
Go Mugabe go

Go to a self-made no-go
Go with your Grace
Go with disgrace
You have fallen from grace

You are now an abomination
Zimbabweans will never miss you
Pack and jump into oblivion
Go start a new sojourn 

Bedroom politics has failed
You failed the nation
Your wife's ploy has been exposed
Let her wait for her reward
You misused the nation
Go Mugabe go
Gone is your era
Go Mugabe go
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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Africa’s disunity vs Canada’s sagacious expenditure

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            The unification of Africa has always been an uphill task. Today, I’ll show how Africa in general loses a lot due to its colonial and post-colonial divisions and poor visions. Organically, Africa was a single country that didn't depend on donors for many centuries before its division. Again, after being divided; and later became politically independent, due to colonial carryovers, and partly, greenhorn founders and their myopic successors thereafter, Africa’s remains divided for its detriment. Aren't African countries still blindly and crassly serving and servicing their colonial monsters’ ploy of weakening them by dividing them into minuscule; and rickety states? Is there any ever-dependent African country that’s truly independent?
            In their division, African countries are on the line while in their unity they are supposed to be stronger. Why can’t they see that their perceived insecurity resulting from warmongering and fear mongering between; and among them result from the very tactic colonisers engineered and foresaw for perpetual exploitation?
            The fear of the unknown; and of each other among African countries helps arms-producing countries to sell even more arms to Africans so that they either butcher one another or waste a lot of time and money on feeding such pseudo fears. If Africa were a single country as it used to be, the money currently spent on arms could boost its economy a great deal more than the aid it receives from its former colonial monsters. How many gunky armies does Africa have that have never fought anywhere; and if they did, they just did so against their neighbours; or were abusively used to intimidate citizens in such countries? How much money do African countries spend on arms geared by the mere fear of their neighbouring Africans?
            Further, how much do African countries spend on maintaining embassies in other African states they’re not supposed to have any? All this money’s burnt because of disunity. Africa needs to blaze its trail by facing reality, the reunification.
            Consider this then decide how much Africa loses to its division. To put it in the context, country X has 98 embassies abroad including in African countries. In 2015, country X bought a $ 50,000,000 apartment in New York to house its embassy to the UN. Suppose country X decides to build its own offices to house all embassies wherever it’s represented; which’s cheaper than renting. How much country X will burn pointlessly? This is a typical replica of many African countries. Multiply US$50,000,000 with all 50-odd African countries times over 50 years of independence times at least 20 embassies per country which is less than what it actually is. This means: many African countries burn money on the same to end up becoming poorer and poorer.
            Additionally, how much does country X, just like any other countries, burn on paying its officials abroad that wouldn't be required shall Africa reunite? Also, take the amount estimated for keeping armies, buying weapons, feeding and keeping presidents, borders, printing passports, minting and printing money, buying visas and whatnots; and see how much Africa’s already lost; or would have saved if it were reunited. How many embassies do African countries have abroad and within Africa that’d be reduced through reunification? I can say: the amount the reunification of Africa can save’s anecdotally zillions of dollars. Add the money lost due to the lack of free movement in Africa.
            Cogently, Canada avoided economic quandary and megalomania through uniting its provinces and territories to form one country. Compare Canada’s 2015/16 C$ 1.3tn.       Take education for example. According to the Globe and Mail (Jan., 23, 2014), Canada spends C$ 9,000 a child. This is why providing a computers to all students isn’t a hoax just as it the case in Kenya when Jubilee promised a computer a child to end up offering hoo-has instead. Again, how much do EAC countries spend on education? Sub-Saharan Africa spends 5% of its GDP on education (, 7 Aug., 2014).
Further, according to the Forbes Magazine (Oct., 1, 2014) Kenya’s GDP was $1,246. This means: Kenya, hypothetically, spent approx., $62.3 a child. According to the (2015), Tanzania’s GDP was $931 or $46.55 a child and Uganda’s $676 or 33.8 a child in the same year. Compare the stats with Canada’s.
            Again, how Canada’s been able to raise and spend such humongous amount of money with such a relatively small population of 36,741,055 as of 2017? It vigorously collects revenues, uses its resources wisely; and above all, Canadians work hard to develop their country not to mention taking on mega corruption pragmatically as opposed to the real situation in Africa.
Source: Citizen, Wed., today.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

   Bedroom Politics: Zimbabwe’s Boon or Bane?

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          Zimbabwe has been in a political quagmire for a long time now. Its conflict gyrated around land and the intimidation of the opposition, among others. However, it recently took another turn so as to gain tractions after president Robert Mugabe fired his vice president Emerson Mnangagwa for what Simon Moyo, the minister of information said was disloyalty and ineptness. He was quoted as saying that “the vice president has consistently and persistently exhibited traits of disloyalty, disrespect, deceitfulness and unreliability.”
            Demonstrably, Mnangagwa was fired long time ago when Mugabe’s wife, Grace, the power behind the throne, started attacking him openly in her race for power. She was once quoted as saying “I’m the First Lady and Mnangagwa was employed by my husband. Why would I kill him?” Mrs. Mugabe added. “I am the boss” as she was responding to allegations that she wanted Mnangagwa eliminated due to avert a peril to her ruse to inherit or snatch power from her elderly husband.  This was after Mnangagwa was quoted as saying “the medical doctors who attended to me ruled out food poisoning but confirmed that indeed poisoning had occurred and investigations were in progress.”
            Due to the crookedness and spookiness of power race, the issue was not whether Mnangagwa would be shown the door or not. Instead, it was when and how.  For, a day before firing Mnangagwa, Mugabe was quoted as saying “I am told off daily in the name of Mnangagwa. Did I make a mistake by appointing Mnangagwa as my deputy? If I did, then I can remove him, even tomorrow.” And it came to pass. Mnangagwa was fired the next day.
            As if Mrs. Mugabe was preempting what was to come through a choreographed scheme, on the same day Mnangagwa was fired, Kudzai Chipanga, ZANU-PF youth league leader was quoted as saying “the only person possessing such qualities is ... the first lady.”  Like any desperado-cum-schemer gagging for power, Mrs. Mugabe isn’t new to edging out those she sees as potential contestants for power shall her husband pass on. Before, former vice president Joyce Mujuru faced the same fate. She was purged unceremoniously after proving that she was suitable for the office. Thus, preventing Grace from taking advantage of her husband who is a bit long in tooth for running the country. Thanks to nepotism, corruption, abuse of power, bedroom politics and politics of the tummy, even the husband eggs the first lady on to see to it shall anything happen, she must ascend to the throne.      Africa isn’t new to such bedroom politics.  Just last year, in Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni did the seemingly impossible. He appointed his wife Janet minister for education in his government; and everything seemed normal.  Former Malawi president Bingu wa Mutharika once appointed his widow Calista minister of Safe Motherhood despite the ministry having such ridiculous, name nothing was viewed by courtiers as spooky as it was. In the neighbouring Zambia former president Michael Sata appointed his wife’s sister Mariam Mwape Mulenga ambassador to Turkey. Away from Africa, Azerbaijan’s President, Ilham Aliyev appointed his wife-Mehriban as the first Vice President in Feb., this year.
             Looking at the CVs of all three presidents, you find that they have a college degree or degrees for Mugabe and Mutharika. To the contrary, their wives don’t have any. Again, you wonder how such semi-illiterate ladies are able to coerce and manipulate their educated hubbies. This, once again, speaks of the canard in African education so as to need to be decolonised.
            Apart from some first ladies forming the part of their husbands’ governments, in some countries, they are treated like the presidents simply because they share bed with African big men in power. In Tanzania, the wife of the current president John Magufuli, Janet is referred to as “our mother” as if she is Virgin Mary or the wife of the father of the nation Mwl Julius Nyerere. All this is done, especially by courtiers and bootlickers in order to entice her and show how she is the force to reckon with vis-à-vis bedroom politics. The wife of former president Jakaya Kikwete, Salma was recently appointed an MP by Magufuli. During her husband’s sway, Salma used to be accorded top-level treatments such as receiving reports from Regional Commissioners and being driven in long motorcades.  In Kenya, the wife of former president Mwai Kibaki, Lucy would summon ministers; and reprimand them openly as if she was president herself.
            Predictably, shall Grace Mugabe succeed in her gambit; surely, Uganda will follow by having a first presidente. Thanks to the bedroom politics, how many first ladies do wish they can grab power from their husbands simply because they share beds with them? As for African strong men, this shows how weedier they are. They might be stronger in the public space. In the private one, they are but tamed bulls that can do whatever those controlling them order them to do even if is to defecate on the office of the president as it is currently going on in the soon-to-be Graceland in which Grace will  filch power from Robert. How will Zimbabwe and Africa react? Time will tell.
Source: New Zimbabwe Wed., today.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Is East African Community an Excuse

Manaowakumbuka washoza wenu

Will Zitto rise again? That’s a million-dollar question

                When Prof Kitilya Mkumbo, then-chief adviser to Alliance for Change and Accountability (ACT)-Wazalendo leader Zitto Kabwe, was appointed permanent secretary in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the party’s leadership was tightlipped. But ever since, many have tried to decipher and understand the acts, the wheeling and dealing between the ACT and Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).
When critics raised the red flag, they were viewed as witchhunters and mudslingers. And when the party’s chair, Ms Anna Mghwira, was fished out and appointed Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Chadema’s chief legal adviser Tundu Lissu said, “we look back to 2006 when ACT was established and it went to war with Chadema…unfortunately they have failed to accomplish their mission, that’s why they are all going back to CCM one by one.”
     Tensed up and chunked, upon hearing such accusations, Mr Kabwe hit back noting that “… the accusations that ACT is the extension of CCM are just the silly view of some politically-bankrupted people” [Sic]. Does Kabwe still have the guts to repeat the same as things take a turn to the worse?
Now, the writings are on the wall. Is the ACT methodically proving the likes of Lissu right?  The recent decamping by its secretary general Samson Mwigamba speaks volumes. The ACT is in a political gunk.  Those in the know know that when ACT’s creator, Kabwe was expelled from the Chadema assumptions were that there was some bigger powers behind his expulsion.                
      If you live by sword you will die by sword. Kabwe’s move that led to his expulsion was aimed at weaknening the Chadema. And indeed, it did, however, not as palpable as was envisaged.
      Now that Kabwe is facing the same, will he survive or succumb to the forces alleged to have cloned and used him? Will Kabwe become another Maalim Seif or Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, if not Augustine Mrema or John Cheyo not to mention Fahmi Dovotwa? 
Go back to Chadema
       Will Kabwe bite the bullet and follow his runaway officials to CCM, fulfilling accusations that he was a mole in the opposition? Will he solo the party and soldier on or contemplate going back to Chadema so that he can be brought back into the fold?
Looking at the quandary Kabwe’s into curently and the way he’s been struggling to eat humble pie after losing the wand he once had, is it possible for Chadema to forgive and forget, or stick to their guns? Will Kabwe lick the wounds and soldier on however battered he is likely to be? I remember. Close to his expulsion, he said he would not leave Chadema because he joined it when he was 16, and spent much of his energy and time on building it. However, before long, he bowed out.  This shows how Kabwe, as a politician, still has many loopholes through which to save his face if not to jump a smoking gun.
           Shall Kabwe move on and join CCM? Will he really still be the Holy Grail he used to be? Will CCM stab him in the back, let him become a political liability or rearm him to go on his political fishing expedition as it has been if indeed he is a mole in the opposition?
           Now that ACT’s loose ends are obvious, what should the nation expect or wait for from Kabwe as a man and a politician who seems to have weathered many storms. Will he survive or fall into a swoon? Let him stand up and be counted.
Source: Citizen Wed., yesterday.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

        Now that the repeat-presidential election is over, Kenya needs to go back to normalcy. However, this cannot be actualized without two major thespians namely President Uhuru Kenyatta and his nemesis, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga opening up for serious business of hemming fences; and redressing Kenya from the wounds their differences have inflicted on the Kenyan society.
       I don’t aim at being a devil’s advocate. Again, looking at the imbroglio-cum-impasse Kenya has been in for a long time now, methinks, the two need to look at the situation broadly and boldly.  For a long time, the two have been involved in the dialogue of the deaf something that exacerbated the problem. While they maintained a sort of denial resulting from toxic and tribal politics, their cohorts and majordomos kept on making things harder.  The situation became worse after the rerun whose credibility and legality still hang in balance. Nobody can tell exactly what will happen regarding the closure of the crevices created. There is no way the malady can heal without their constructive and positive intervention.
       When asked if the election was credible, former South African president Thabo Mbeki who headed  the AU electoral observers was quoted as saying that some issues “…could have impacted the credibility of the fresh presidential election as acknowledged by the chairperson of [of the] IEBC.” This essentially throws everything in disrepute as far as the results are concerned.  
      Apart from credibility vagueness, up until now, nobody knows if Odinga will catch Kenya off guard as he did last time when he went before the court seeking to overturn the results which he got, especially if we remind ourselves the promise the Chief Justice made that his court would entertain whatever matters brought before it.
      Now that time is up for politicking, it is important for the two to start thinking about Kenya but not personal power and glory. Evidently, the economy is dangerously tanking. Many business people have already registered their discomfort. The society is deeply divided along tribal lines not to mention political klutziness Kenya is in currently. The two should step into the shoes of other Kenyans who have lost their loved ones, those whose businesses are cascading, those whose lives have been dangerously turned upside down, those whose hopes have been dashed and the likes simply because the two are tussling.
       Odinga has commuted his coalition into a movement to mean that his cause has not been achieved up until now. Odinga says that the movement “… is basically going to be involved in civil disobedience, civil resistance not an armed resistance.” For how long; and how will such measures impact on Kenya? Nobody can easily tell now.  
        It does not add up for Kenya to be held to ransom simply because two protagonists are living in the state of denial simply. They need to be realistic. There cannot be any winner if the country remains divided. Thanks to such precarious limbo, many opportunistic elements will cash in and take advantage of this logjam. We have already heard of calls for secession and other provocative propositions that cannot and will not help Kenya.
      Kenyatta and Odinga need to constructively engage each other in order to avoid giving Kenya’s enemies ammunitions to finish it off, especially at this moment it is facing Al Shabaab in the neighbouring Somalia not to mention wanton economic slump. Shall the duo keep on hardening their positions; Kenyans should take the third way in order to force them to dialogue by taking to the streets.
Source: African Executive Magazine, Tues., today.

Monday, 6 November 2017

This is how Americans Enjoy Their Freedom of Speech!

Someone posted this graphic on Juli Briskman's Facebook page after she flipped off the president's motorcade. Briskman was amused.
When it comes to enjoying their democratic rights, Americans can sometimes take it too far. The recent incident speaks volume. One woman, Juli Briskman shocked the world when she biked besides president Donald Trump's motorcade and gave him a middle finger greeting of the year. The  good lady paid dearly the price for her unique expression of freedom of expression. She was fired. For more info please CLICK HERE.
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Bedroom Politics of Africa Today

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves on ‘historic’ Barrick deal

Recently, the government of Tanzania released the report of the outcomes of its negotiations with the Barrick Gold that started after government commendably decided to look into mining businesses in the country. It was after learning that Acacia Mining Company, a Barrick Gold affiliate, had evaded tax for about 19 years plus exporting concentrates without declaring the actual amount of minerals found in them. So, too, it was unearthed; Acacia was operating in Tanzania illegally among others. Therefore, such criminality led to the creation of two taskforces to look into the matter thereby unearthing a lot of rot which forced the government to, temporarily, suspend Acacia’s activities in Tanzania conditionally that it should negotiate with the government which it did through Barrick Gold.
            After over three months of negotiations, President John Magufuli hailed as a historical breakthrough. However, critics are a bit wary about this elusive breakthrough. The president told the nation that Barrick Gold, not Acacia, agreed to pay US$300 million as a sign of ‘goodwill’ or showing either sincerity or dependability which is a bit convoluted. Barrick spokesperson Andy Lloyd was recently quoted by the as saying that “that is not a concession that is complying with the law.” The promise to cough US$300 million enthralled Magufuli who said he wanted the money quickly so that it could be used in the provisions of services.
Despite such palms, there are some unanswered questions with regarding Barrick deal. Critics think; it is too early for Tanzania to celebrate provided that the negotiations are ongoing. The major question is: What criteria were used to reach such an amount? Can the good will or trustworthiness be translated into money or through admission of the offence? For conflict resolutions scholar, this offer is cloudy and headachy so to speak. Trust in negotiations can be displayed through cooperation in problem-solving approach whereby the parties in conflict agree on some issues in principal but not through inducements as it seems to be in this case. Logically, inducements many help the offender to predict the behaviour of and the next move his or her opponent will make. For example, Barrick offered the money. Tanzania accepted it without qualms. This tells something. Success in negotiations, sometimes, is about timing, scheming, trust building and whatnots. Entering negotiations doesn’t necessarily the warrant trust and cooperation.
Is the offered amount aimed at inducing Tanzania? What did Tanzania offer in reciprocating to such newly-found friendship and generosity that forced Magufuli to lovey-dovey refer to Barrick as brethren but not pilfers as it once was perceived after unearthing the scam? Such questions are valid provided that the two taskforces one headed by Professors Abdulkarim Mruma and the other, professor Nehemiah Osoro, unearthed a lot of rots and wheels and deals. If the findings of the taskforces–that Acacia rubbished–are to go by, concluded that Tanzania lost between Sh68.59 trillion and Sh108.46 trillion from unpaid mining taxes due to under declaration of exports of metallic mineral concentrates by Acacia Mining PLC in the 19 years (The Citizen, June13, 2017). From such an amount, the government was supposed to receive at least US$ 60 billion in revenues (The East African, 12 June, 2017). When one looks at such humungous figures and compare it with US$300 million, chances are that the so-called big deal might turn out to be a bad deal or a no deal. Instead of buying goodwill, I methinks; the government should disclose as to how much money Acacia is going to pay but not to offer in goodwill or whatever.
 Why Acacia was not directly involved in the negotiations while, in law, it is the one that is duty-bound to pay whatever is agreed upon? Legally, will Acacia accept whatever is agreed upon? Again, methinks; the issue was not about Barrick or Acacia showing good will, trust, commitment or whatever it is called. The issue was simply for the two parties to reach the agreement on what is owed and how it is going to be paid.
Due to the jubilations and controversies, of course, stemming from the outcomes of the negotiations, one may ask: What was; and still is the driving force for Tanzania to enter into negotiations with Barrick? Was it its quest for recovering the loss Acacia incurred or just to get whatever amount of money or njaa regardless if it is worth the crime that Acacia committed?
Despite good news such as the sharing of the profits by 50-50, employing locals, establishing headquarters, banking in Tanzania and many more goodies as enumerated by Minister for Constitution and Justice prof Paramagamba Kabudi, much remains to be seen as to if really Tanzania will benefit from its negotiations with Barrick but not Acacia which recently said it is unable to pay the agreed good will or trust building money. Whether the said negotiations will bear fruits or not, it is too early to rejoice or jeer.
SOURCE: Citizen Wed., today

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Leo ni Halloween waswahili msiigize mkashererehekea msichojua

Haloween ni siku ya kipangani iliyoanzia huko Ireland ya Kaskazini kwa jamii ya Ki-celt ikiadhimisha mavuno. Baadaye sherehe hii ilitwaliwa na mataifa ya Ulaya na kuifanya rasmi kwa minajili ya kuuuza bidhaa hasa vinyago vya kutisha kwa wavaaji. Leo nimeona waswahili Dar wakiingiza kuadhimisha Black Friday bila kujua maana ya siku yenyewe na matusi dhidi ya weusi wao.  Hivyo, wakati wenzenu wanaadhimisha sherehe za miungu na mila zao, msikurupuke na kuonekana malimbukeni.
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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Lissugate: Call in foreign investigators

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            After certain unknown dunces wanted to do Tundu Lissu in, there are still cries for justice to be delivered to the culprits. Lissu is suffering from pains inflicted on him by bêtes noires either motivated by their criminality or hired to finish him off thanks to his vocalness. Since this sacrilegious act was committed over a month ago, Lissu has been bedridden in Kenya.  As a result, his constituency doesn’t have a representative in parliament currently. His family is as well indescribably suffering. It is not easy to explain what Lissu and his family are going through. Any human created truly a human but not an accidentally whereby some animals look like humans, he or she will agree with me; Lissu and his family do not deserve what they are going through let alone their case to be ignored and forgotten by those entrusted with the duty to provide security for every Tanzanian regardless he is an opponent or otherwise.  While all these are going on, the hoodlums who freakishly attacked Lissu have never been zapped. Why? This is the question that has led me to think about bringing in the big gorillas from abroad. Tanzania won’t be the first to bring in some foreign forensic expert. Kenya did the same when its former foreign minister Robert Ouko died mysteriously in 1990. However, Kenya abandoned the investigation after a British investigator John Troon neared cornering sacred cows behind Ouko’s murder.
            Before the so-called unknown outlaws attacking him, Lissu had reported to the Tanzania Police Force which sadly did not take any substantive measures to prevent the attack. As a citizen who is constitutionally entitled to protection from the same force, Lissu didn’t only feel vulnerable but also betrayed. His trust in police has since evaporated. This is why he’s been treated in Kenya instead of Tanzania not just because there is no wherewithal.  He no longer trusts the institutions of his country. This is sad and surreal.  Demonstrably, Lissu’s family and his party think that to do justice for Lissu and the likes, the police must concur that it is no longer credible to do the job. When it comes to who should investigate this scandal I’d like to call Lissugate, the Tanzania’s police force has lost the believability since it failed or refused (as his family thinks) to work on the reports Lissu made before it. I for one, just like Lissu, his family and Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) I would urge the police to do the right thing namely to stay aside and allow other international organs to conduct investigation in order to prove its innocence. First of all, why didn’t they take action after they were tipped off about the danger Lissu faced? Why has it taken long time to, at least, nab even a single member of the gang of unknown crooks? One newspaper reported recently that even the CCTV cameras on the crime of scene have been removed. Is this true; and if it is, why and why police are still keeping mum while they actually know that doing so is a crime resulting into tampering with evidence not to mention abetting the suspects?
            Sometimes, we need to be true to ourselves so as to allow those who listen to what we do by commission and omission or say to treat what we say to be true. For instance, the parliamentary Defense and Security Committee failed to table its report on the issue that was supposed to be out in the mid-September. Why? No one knows why except the committee and the authorities which up till now have never done anything substantial as far as investigating the crime is concerned. Thanks to this laxity, some foreign countries such as the UK and the US offered to help in investigating this carnage. As it seems, the authorities are not only tightlipped but also have been dragging feet. Why?
            Due to the fact that the police have proved that either they are unwilling or incompetent to look into Lissugate, it is time for Tanzania to welcome foreign firms to help crack the puzzle behind this seeming criminality.  There is no need to wait for being catcalled. So, too, there is no need of keeping the cart before the horse. If police have proved they cannot nab unknown criminals that made attempt on Lissu’s life, why should the public keep on trusting them that they will apprehend the criminals while as time elapses evidence too fades away? Indeed, Lissugate needs to be looked into by a neutral and professional bodies such as FBI or Scotland Yard among others.
Source: Citizen Wed., today.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Akina Majimarefu na Nkamia ni wa kuogopwa kama ukoma

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Image result for photos of majimarefu
            Kwa wale waliofuatilia namna mbunge wa Chemba Juma Nkamia alivyotaka kupeleka mswaada wa kubadili katiba ili rais wa Tanzania aongezewe muda wa kukaa madarakani na kurefusha muda huo toka miaka mitano hadi saba, watakubaliana nami kuwa jambo hili si aibu na pigo tu kwa taifa bali limepitwa na wakati. Wakati mwingine nashindwa kuelewa kama kweli wapenzi wa udikteta huu uchwara wanaamini haya wanayotaka tufanye. Sijui wanatumwa au wanajituma. Sijui wanajipendekeza au wanapendekeza; hata sijui kusema ukweli.
            Tanzania ina watu wengi wanaoweza kuongoza nchi. Nani alijua kuwa atatokea John Magufuli na kufanya anayofanya kiasi cha dunia nzima kushikwa na kihoro? Mama zetu bado wanazaa watu wenye akili lakini si mataahira wasioweza kuongoza nchi yao. Hawa wanaotoa mapendekezo ya ajabu ajabu wakilenga kujipendekeza lau wateuliwe, wanapoteza muda. Kwa wanaomjua rais Magufuli, hatawateua na wala hawatamtumia kufikia malengo yao binafsi. Sidhani kama Magufuli anapenda watu wasiojiamini, wala wasiosoma alama za nyakati wakaacha kufikiri sawa sawa na kuchapa vilivyo wakaendekeza kujikombakomba na kujipendekeza.
            Watu wanaotaka kujipendekeza, kama wale waaandishi wa habari waliojipendekeza utawala uliopita wakazawadiwa vyeo, kwa utawala wa sasa wanakosea. Tunawasoma wengi waliogeuza magezeti yao waimbaji kwaya wakidhani dhamira zao chafu hazijulikani.  Inakuwa jambo baya sana hasa pale mwakilishi wa wananchi anapojichafua kiasi hiki. Licha ya kuwa aibu, ni hasara kuwa na wawakilishi hata wasiosoma historia ya nchi yao na ya dunia huku wakishindwa kusoma alama za nyakati. Tanzania si nchi ya kutawaliwa na mtu mmoja kama viinchi vingine vya hovyo vilivyotekwa nyara na maimla tokana na kuogopa kuondoka ili madhambi yao yasianikwe.  Sijui kwanini hawa wanaodai kuwa tubadili katiba wanashindwa kujua jambo lililotokea wakiwa watu wazima pale ambapo marehemu baba wa taifa Mwl Julius Nyerere alipoombwa asiachie madaraka mwaka 1985 akakataa. Tena kwa wakati ule, chini ya siasa za vita baridi, Nyerere angekuwa mpenda madaraka, angeweza kuendelea kuongoza hadi kufia madarakani. Ila kwa vile Nyerere aliheshimu watu wake kama watu wenye akili sawa sawa na wasio na ukapa wa mawazo wala watu wa kuwaongoza, aliamua kuwapuuzia wote waliokuwa wanamshauri upumbavu.
            Wakati akina Nkamia wakijikomba na kujidhalilisha, rais Magufuli ameonyesha mwelekeo kama kiongozi mkuu wa taifa. Kwani, amesema wazi wazi kuwa hana mpango wa kubadili katiba.  Akimjibu mbunge wa Korogwe Vijijini Stephen Ngonyani, Magufuli alikaririwa akisema “ndugu yangu Majimarefu, uliposema niongezewe miaka 20 nilikuelewa kuwa unaniombea niishi miaka 20 ijayo.”kwa watu wenye akili sawa sawa, jibu hili lilitosha kuwakata kilimilimili na kusahau ghilba yao ya kutaka kumtumia rais kufikia malengo yao binafsi.
             Tunampongeza kwa dhati kwa kuwaumbua wajinga wasiotaka na kukubali kujifunza kuwa dunia ya sasa si ya kuanzisha utawala wa kifalme. Kwanini watu wa namna hii hawataki kuelewa asili ya mwanadamu kuwa ni kiumbe wa muda? Mnaweza kubadili katiba hata mkasema rais fulani atawale miaka mia. Je ataweza? Wako wapi madikteta kama vile Hastings Kamuzu Banda (Malawi), Felix Houphouet-Boigny (Ivory Coast), Jean-Bedel Bokassa (CAR) Joseph Mobutu (DRC) Gnassingbe Eyadema (Togo) na Omar Bongo  (Gabon) ukiachia wachache waliobakia wakiaibika na kuhangaika utadhani hawatakufa? Ni upuuzi kiasi gani kwa binadamu ambaye ni tunda la msimu kufikiri anaweza kuishi muda mrefu kama udongo au jiwe? Hata rais wetu angekuwa mti usiozeeka haraka, tusingekubali kudhalilishwa kiakili kwa kubadili katiba kwa maslahi ya mtu mmoja.
            Hata hivyo, Tanzania bado ina watu wenye akili timamu na wanaosoma alama za nyakati. Mmojawapo ni Pius Msekwa aliyekaririwa akisema “ni kwamba miaka kumi tu inatosha, ili kama mtu ni mbaya tuvumilie kwa hiyo miaka kumi na siyo kwamba haikufikiriwa. Na sidhani kama CCM itakuwa na nafasi ya kujadili hilo kwa sasa.”  Pamoja na pendekezo la Nkamia kuchefua na kutokubalika, alikaririwa akisema “naomba ibaki hivyo hivyo kama ilivyo kwenye meseji sina cha kuongeza, kuhusu ni lini nitapeleka tena nayo subiri kwa sababu nimesema nimesitisha kwa muda, maana yake nitawasilisha tena nitakapokuwa tayari.” Hii maana yake ni kwamba Nkamia amekamia kuendelea kutuchefua roho wakati rais mwenyewe anayelenga kumpigia debe na kutaka kumuingiza kwenye ujinga huu alishasema wazi kuwa hana mpango huu wa kipumbavu.
            Akitetea hoja yake isiyo na mashiko Nkamia alikaririwa akihoji kuwa kuna ubaya gani kuongeza muda hadi miaka saba wakati jirani zetu wa Rwanda wanafanya hivyo? Kwanza, inaonekana Nkamia hajui ni kwanini Rwanda wamefanya hivyo. Pili, huwezi kuilinganisha Tanzania na Rwanda kidemokrasia hata kihistoria.  Rwanda wameamua kuwa na miaka saba na kuondoa hata ukomo wa rais kutokana na matatizo yao ya vita vya kikabila ambalo si tatizo la Tanzania.
            Kwa mtu anayejua maana ya demokrasia, hawezi kuilinganisha Tanzania na nchi yoyote katika Afrika Mashariki hata Afrika ukiondoa nchi chache kama vile Afrika ya Kusini, Botswana, Zambia, Msumbiji na nyingine ambazo, kwa kiasi fulani, demokrasia yao inakua na kuleta maana.
            Tumalizie kwa kumtaka rais Magufuli awaonye hawa wanaotaka kurejesha nchi yetu nyuma wakitaka kufanikisha ujinga na maslahi binafsi. Wakome na kukomaa.
Chanzo; Tanzania Daima J'pili leo.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Maajabu ya dunia picha ya baba na mwana!

Robert Wadlow postcard.jpg
Robert Wadlow (1918-1940) akiwa na baba yake, Harold Franklin Wadlow. Ni bidamu mrefu kuliko wote waliowahi kutokea mzaliwa wa  Alton, Illinois huko Marekani. Hapa chini yuko na baba na mama yake.
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Open letter to Kenyatta and Odinga

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Dear President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Premier Raila Odinga,
            First of all, I must introduce myself. I am not Kenyan. Instead, I am African, Africanist, Pan-Africanist, East African and Tanzania. Again, as Swahili sage has it that aliyeko nje ya uwanja anauona vizuri mchezo namely the spectators can nicely tell how the game was played, I am in the position of seeing things Kenyans cannot easily see; and if they see they do so differently from myself due to the fact that I am not a party to the ongoing imbroglio. I therefore pray for your attention underscoring the fact that I do not have any stake in your politics except the regional peace and prosperity. I am thus writing as a friend of Kenya, a neighbour and a member of the family of the East African Community (EAC).
            Allow me to humbly address you as follows:
First, let me congratulate you on completing the August 8 elections peacefully; and following the law in settling your political differences.
Second, let me tell you this.  Kenyans did their bit in the said elections by voting peacefully and massively. So, too, did the court that constitutionally entertained and looked into your grievances so as to come up with the annulment of the results of the said elections; sad however it may be. Now that the presidential results were annulled due to what the Supreme Court of Kenya termed as ‘illegalities and irregularities’ which sent Kenya back to the drawing board, please, as Kenyans and leaders, show exemplary leadership by seeking modus vivendi that will pull Kenya out of the impasse it is into.
 I know; power is sweet and beautiful. Again, Kenya is sweeter and more important than powers individuals seek. So, please put your dynastic and political competition aside; and put and think about Kenya first. Kenyans showed commendable peacefulness during voting and exemplary patience during the time of waiting for the results; and thereafter waiting for the Supreme Court to come up with its verdict. So, too, Kenyans have showed patience in the entire ominous period of waiting for the rerun. However, by the look of things, Kenyans’ patience is wearing thin due to your political rancour and scuffles. Recent demos and altercations are but a sign of what is store for the country shall sanity not prevail.  There’s understanding in Conflict Resolution field that there is an opportunity in conflict; if patties to it decided to seek it. You, too, still have an opportunity to turn the ongoing impasse into an opportunity for Kenya and Africa. Please make Africa, Kenya and yourselves proud.  Instead of baying for each other’s blood, turn your swords into ploughshares. Swahili sage has it that when two people compete, there is a winner and a loser. In this case in point, I would love to see a winner being Kenya and a loser being nobody.  Kenya will always be there contrary to humans who are there to pass.
I fully and sincere understand; you all would like to win; and become president of this beautiful country. Again, there cannot be two presidents in one country. Therefore, as statesmen, you must allow democracy to apply so that Kenya can get one president. I don’t think that Kenyans deserve evidencing two bulls fighting to end up suffering the fate of the grasses. Kenyans have offered their love to their country by fulfilling their constitutional duty. Now it is your turn to reciprocate positively by averting the country from cascading into the abyss pointlessly and wantonly simply because you cannot agree to disagree and see to it that Kenya is moving forward.
At this time one thing is needed, true love to the nation but not to power. I implore you to invoke the wisdom of one of the two women who were fighting over the ownership of a baby or power in this respect. When the true mother was told that King Solomon the wise, decided that the baby be split down in the middle so that every woman would take her half, the true mother conceded defeat in order to let the baby survive. The baby in this regard is Kenya; and the mother is you two. I do not say that you must forgo your rights. Instead, I pray that you wise up and come up with the solution to the ongoing imbroglio. For example, stop intimidating each other i.e. cutting some services such as security.  Restrict your followers. Tell them the importance of peace for Kenya and the region. Distance yourselves from trading insults and the use of denting language of calling each other names. Consider the future of Kenya in your absence not to forget your legacies as the leaders of the nation.
God bless Kenya, God bless Africa God rein and show Kenya, Kenyans and their leaders the right choice and way.
Source: Citizen Wed., today.

Kuna dawa moja ya kukomesha ufisadi nchini

            Hakuna ubishi. Kwa sasa, rais John Magufuli ni rais anayechukiwa sana kuliko na mafisadi na waliozoea kutajirika bila kufuata utaratibu kuliko rais yeyote wa Tanzania. Vita ya kupigiwa mfano aliyoanzisha dhidi ya ufisadi, pamoja na baadhi ya mapungufu, inafanya aonekane mbaya. Kwa sababu ametia mchanga kitumbua cha baadhi ya watu nchini. Kukamatwa kwa vigogo wa kashfa ya IPTL-Escow ni mfano mzuri hapa. Sidhani kama waathirika na wategemezi na washirika zao wanafurahia kinachoendelea. Uzuri, Magufuli analitambua hilo kiasi cha kuchukua hatua na tahadhari. Hata hivyo, kuna mambo akiyafanya rais Magufuli, atazidi kuwa mwalimu na kivutio duniani juu ya namna bora ya kuendesha nchi. Magufuli anachukiwa sana kutokana na tawala zilizopita kuhalalisha ufisadi kwa mlango wa nyuma bila kujua madhara yake kwa taifa.
            Katika safu hii leo nitatoa ushauri kwa rais Magufuli. Naamini ataupata ima kwa kusoma mwenyewe au watu wake ambao wana uwezo wa kufungia magazeti pale yanapoandika kisichotakiwa. Ufuatao ndiyo ushauri wangu kuhusiana na namna ya kisayansi ya kupambana; na hatimaye kuushinda ufisadi, wizi wa mali ya umma, uuzaji mihadarati na jinai nyingine nyingi zinazomhangaisha rais Magufuli.
            Rejesha sheria ya maadili. Kila mtanzania awajibike kisheria kueleza utajiri alio nao na namna alivyouchuma. Hapa lazima kila mtanzania kujaza taarifa zake za kodi kila mwaka ili kuona kama kinachotangazwa kinalingana na kile anachopaswa kuwa nacho kihalali kwa mujibu wa kumbukumbu za kodi. Hili litaondoa motisha wa watanzania kujiingiza kwenye jinai za kusaka utajiri ambapo ilikuwa jambo la kawaida kwa mtu kulala maskini na kuamka tajiri bila kuulizwa. Wengi walizoea kutuibia na kutumia utajiri wetu kutukoga huku wengi tukijua walichofanya kufikia ukwasi huu.
            Serikali ya awamu ya kwanza ilitumia utaratibu huu kuondoa uoza kama vile uuzaji mihadarati, wizi wa mali za umma, ujambazi na ufisadi katika taifa. Kwani, hapakuwa na namna yoyote ya mtanzania kuchuma na kula bila stahiki. Mfano, viongozi wa umma wawe wa kisiasa au kiroho au wa namna yoyote, wasiruhusiwe kuwa na mishahara miwili wala kufanya siasa au dini na biashara. Hili licha ya kuondoa ubinafsi, litaondoa au kupunguza ukosefu wa kazi kwa vijana wetu wanaohitimu kwa maelfu wakaishia kushawishika kujiingiza kwenye jinai kama mihadarati na wizi hata umalaya kwa wale wa kike.
            Kuzuia mianya yote ya kupata kipato au utajiri bila kutoa jasho au kwa njia yoyote haramu kutaondoa na kadhia nyingine iliyokuwa imeanza kuzoeleka yaani uvivu na kupoteza muda kwa baadhi ya watanzania hasa wafanyakazi katika ofisi za umma.  Kwani, kuna watu ni matajiri lakini hawajulikani wanafanya kazi gani. Kukosekana kwa sheria iliyokuwa ikiwataka waeleze walivyochuma kulikuwa motisha tosha kwa baadhi ya wahalifu kuvunja sheria na kujiingiza kwenye jinai mbali mbali kama zilivyotajwa hapo juu. Hii haivumiliki hasa kwa taifa ambalo lilikuwa linaelekea kujiangamiza lenyewe tokana na kuachia mambo yajiendee.
            Pamoja na kuwa na sheria inayowataka watanzania kutoa taarifa za utajiri wao kwa lazima siyo kutaka, lazima ziwepo taasisi za siri za kuwachunguza na kuchunguzana huku wananchi nao wakiwa sehemu ya macho ya umma dhidi ya ufisadi au upatikanaji mali kiharamu. Hili ni muhimu ukiachia mbali ufuatiliaji na utaratibu unaoeleweka wa kufanya ukaguzi wa mara kwa mara wa mali za watanzania. Tokana na uzoefu uliopo ambapo baadhi ya watu wanaweza kupendelewa kutokana na ukaribu wao na wakubwa, kuna haja ya kuwa na sheria za wazi ambapo kitu kama hiki kitatokea iruhusu mwananchi yeyote kwenda mahakamani kushughulikia kadhia hii.  Tukitumia uzoefu tulioupata kwenye zoezi la kufichua na kupambana na walioghushi vyeti vya kitaaluma au kutumia majina ya wengine, lazima kuwepo na mfumo unaoweza kumbana yeyote mali zake zinapotuhumiwa kupatikana bila stahiki bila kujali ukubwa wa cheo chake au ukaribu wake kwa wenye madaraka.
            Uchochoro uliobakia kwa mfumo wa kifisadi nchini ni ukosefu wa sheria ya maadili ambayo nayo haiwezekani kuwa na maana wala makali bila kuwa na katiba mpya ambayo watanzania waliitaka na wanaihitaji pamoja na  wakubwa wachache waliowahi kutenda uovu kuiua ili wasiishie mikononi mwa vyombo vya dola. Hivyo, namna mojawapo kwa Tanzania kuondokana na ufisadi uliokithiri ni kuwa na katiba mpya ambayo inaweka wazi namna ya kupambana na kushughulikia ufisadi nchini. Hivyo, tunaishauri serikali kupambana vita inayoonyesha wazi haitashinda wala kulalamika bali irejee mchakato wa kupata katiba mpya ili iwe nyenzo muhimu katika kupambana na ufisadi. Kwa yeyote anayeitakia Tanzania mafanikio, awe mwananchi wa kawaida au kiongozi, anapaswa kuliona hili vinginevyo kushindwa kuwa na katiba mpya na sheria ya maadili ni kufuga ufisadi huku tukiulalamikia wakati tunaogopa kuchukua hatua za kisayansi kupambana nao.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima J'tano leo.